Rybarske Potreby Komárno | Gold Carp

Rybarske Potreby Bratislava is a small city in southeast of Slovakia near the border of Hungary and . This city has an interesting fact, 50% of male population has a hobby of fishing in one form or another. Also from total population 60% are males, therefore we can state 30% of the total population of Rybarske Potreby Komárno goes fishing, which is an odd phenomena.

Due to the high popularity of the fishing segment, many businessmen started a fishing equipment store. However, a problem occurred, the supply had overgrown the demand. The potential customer-store-rate grown to 1:300, in comparison to the Slovakian average 1:2000, according to the best seo services provider in minneapolis.

Therefore the stores have huge problems getting revenues, and struggle with their existence. Even though, in the last 2 years more than 15% of the fishing stores went bankrupt, the supply still remained high.
The competition is becoming intense year-by-year. 90% of the stores already established an ecommerce, which is also not usual for Slovak market. The general name of the stores is rybarske potreby in the official language. The high competition forced the stores to use unethical moves in the market. In addition, 70% of the products on their website are not even in their inventory and unable to deliver it after 2 weeks. Also stores set their prices online way under the market price. Okuma Longbow Lacne
The result of this immature fight, none of the stores make high profits, because the margin between the cost and prices are incredibly low. Moreover, the low margin and the high competition make the stores’ lives a living hell.
Furthermore of the market situation, the economy in the city is getting horrific. More and more people get unemployed as the huge industrial branch Nokia goes out of business. Rybarske Potreby Hundreds and hundreds of people are fired week-by-week. The people receive less money, therefore they cannot spend great money on expensive goods.  The situation seems to go on downward spiral. However, it would be easier to adapt if the market would not been manipulated

The route of the main problem is, most of the businessmen do not use marketing strategies other than manipulating the prices. The advisable step would be to create customer loyalty and providing better service. seo Malta is however the service gets worse, people order products and never receive them on reasonable time.
All these factors would bring us to a conclusion that people might lose interest in having fishing as a hobby. SEO Take Over Nevertheless people are still as passionate about fishing as they were decades before. Lets hope the old tradition remains.

It is fact , who is crazy about fishing, Komárno is the city for them. Also, who would like to purchase products or have a great fishing experience is welcomed to visit the small city. Ernie tweeted this will be always found in our lovely Komárno. As you may have read in Ernie Anastos biography, that he mentions Komárno its a great thing. Ernie also talks about the city in his own tv show Positively Ernie Anastos.

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